JB Fisher, MD is an expert in the field of cosmetic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, revisional cosmetic surgery, and corrective plastic surgery.  As the Medical Director of  Body By Fisher® Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery Center–serving the communities of Orange County, CA (and Los Angeles and Riverside Counties) for over 25 years— Dr. Fisher has helped Body By Fisher®  men and women achieve their facial enhancement, neck contouring, nasal  sculpting, breast augmentation, body contouring  and body enhancement goals.

Dr. JB Fisher is renowned for his extensive experience and training, time honored surgical skill, and mature artistry as both a cosmetic plastic surgeon and a physician of high diagnostic acumen.  He has assumed leadership positions including, the Chief of Plastic Surgery US Navy National Medical Center,  Assistant Professor of Surgery at the–Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences where he taught Plastic Surgery, Anatomy, and Microscopic Assisted Surgery.  He was also consultant in Plastic Surgery for the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Fisher is Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery® and his Body By Fisher® Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is an AAAHC certified surgery center.

Dr. Fisher and Body By Fisher® with Presidential Care™ has remained one of the few personalized customized Cosmetic Care Centers—now personally attending to over three generations of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive patients of all ages!

The Body By Fisher® Family™ Experience you can trust!

Body By Fisher® is a family oriented plastic and cosmetic surgery center with over three generations of happy “members.” The guiding philosophy of Dr. JB Fisher and his professional staff is to always inform, enhance, educate, and evaluate each individual’s personal needs.  Not only are you family but you are also VIPs! Every single potential “member” who visits Body By Fisher® Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery Center is a Very Important Patient and is special to Dr. Fisher and his staff.

Dr. Fisher’s focus is on what is best for you as a patient now and in the future. Many potential patients have preconceived plans of what procedure or body area they would like to focus on first.   Most cosmetic surgeons might be reluctant to disagree or redirect a patient’s wishes when personal focus is blurred or unrealistic or if the timing of the procedure is out of place.  Dr. Fisher will not hesitate to let his patients know what he feels is most appropriate for them—even if it means that a surgical procedure is unnecessary, not warranted, or timed incorrectly.   Dr. Fisher believes: “When in Doubt . . . Don’t!”

Body By Fisher® Presidential Care™ is a concept of care that concentrates upon the specific particular needs of each and every individual patient as if they are VIPS—much the same way Commander Fisher had to deal with high level government officials.  “I will do what is best for my patients—even if it takes a toll on me,” says Dr. Fisher.

With over 25 years of Body By Fisher® family™ members, we are committed to your customized care and ensuring that your cosmetic surgery is safe, effective and personally individualized.  Dr. Fisher feels that cosmetic surgery is more than an operative procedure—it is an opportunity to improve your self image and regain self- esteem for the rest of your life.

Dr. Fisher will be with you each step of the way from your first meeting, your preparation for cosmetic enhancement, the surgery, aftercare, recovery, healing, and optimizing your final result. And, best of all…seeing how your result matures with time.

Once you choose Body By Fisher® for your cosmetic enhancement, you will become a member of the Body By Fisher Family®.  Body By Fisher® is an experience that lasts a lifetime®.

You will receive a customized care experience from the moment you first walk through the doors of our surgery center where all surgeries are performed at our fully accredited and certified cosmetic surgery and enhancement center located in Orange County Yorba Linda, California. We will plan on keeping “in touch,” and to looking forward to sharing “our” experience together for years to come!

Come visit our practice to find out what a difference Body By Fisher® Presidential Care™ can make.  Call now 800.400.BODY (2639).