About Dr. Fisher


When you are choosing a plastic surgeon, you are looking for certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In order to be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, one must graduate from an accredited medical school, do internship and residency training in either general surgery or otolaryngology, complete an approved residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery, practice a minimum of two years after graduation, and pass extensive written and oral exams which include a review of all cases done by that surgeon in the past year. This is an incredibly long and tedious process taking a minimum of 7 1/2 years after graduation from medical school.

The reason for this extensive training is that the plastic surgeon is one of the few medical specialists who is truly called upon to help with every part of the body. From brain surgery, to cleft lip in infants, ear, throat, breast, malformed genitals, injured hands, legs and feet, there is really no body part that plastic surgeons aren’t called upon to fix when other surgeons run up against difficult situations. While many people feel that plastic surgeons spend all of their time doing Noses and Liposuction, that is far from the case.

While, in order to be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a surgeon must be experienced in all of the areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery, many Plastic Surgeons focus their practices on Cosmetic Surgery and others on Reconstructive Surgery.


As a senior medical student at Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Fisher was honored to be named as a co-author in a new textbook on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery by Richard B. Stark, M.D.

Since then, Dr. Fisher has been fortunate to have co-authored “ground-breaking” articles with his professors on liposuction, breast reconstruction, body image, chemosurgery, and breast augmentation.

In 1992, Dr. Fisher presented his work on Expansion Augmentation along with the originator, Hilton Becker, M.D. at the International Congress of Plastic Surgeons in Madrid, Spain.

While size-adjustable implants are relatively “new” on the scene of breast implantation, Dr. Fisher has been using expansion with his breast reconstruction patients and cosmetic augmentation patients since 1982.

Independently of others, as Chief of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the United States Navy National Medical Center, Dr. Fisher was engaged in all varieties of cosmetic-revisional plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, microscopic assisted surgery and cleft lip and palate surgery.

In private practice, Dr. Fisher was instrumental in pioneering profesionalism in non-professional publications and is on the editorial staff of Plastic Surgery Products Magazine.




  • Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Former Dept. Chief of Plastic Surgery U.S. National Naval Medical Center
  • Former Assistant Professor of Surgery – Uniformed Services University of the Health Services
  • Former Consultant – Hand and Microsurgery National Institutes of Health
  • Cum Laude Graduate – Six Year Medical Program
  • Boston University School of Medicine
  • Georgetown University Plastic Surgery
List of Publications
  • Aging Gracefully in the 21st Century
Breast Surgery
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Facial Resurfacing
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