Patient Testimonials

"I can’t say enough about the meticulous job and care Dr. Fisher and his staff gives. He takes the time needed with each of his patients and pays close attention to detail. He does not run his patients through like cattle like so many plastic surgeons do now a days. His anesthesiologist Dr. Robin is just as caring and meticulous with her patients. Dr. Fisher and his staff do the best aftercare there is. He personally calls to check on you after surgery and is genuinely concerned. He takes the time needed to explain to you everything. The price is very reasonable. I would highly recommend Body By Fisher."
"I should have posted this review ages ago! I had breast reduction, tummy tuck, pubic lift and lipo back in December. My results are absolutely life changing! My whole experience with Dr Fisher and his staff from beginning to end was excellent. From my first consultation Dr. Fisher was very though rough in his explanation of every step of the process. He is friendly and does not have the big ego that I experienced with other “Beverly Hills” Docs that I spoke to. He has a very extensive background but his price was very reasonable. Especially considering the outstanding job that he did! And there was no need to drive all the way to LA! I hesitate to recommend him because I’m afraid my little hidden gem will be revealed, but he is simply too good not to tell."
- H.R
"I am a mother of two and have undergone botox, facial fillers, lip enhancement and breast augmentation with Dr. Fisher. After a long day with my children even though I may feel tired thanks to my botox and fillers I do not look tired. I had my second child with my breast implants and breast fed for a year. My breasts still look good and feel very natural. Many thanks to Dr. Fisher for giving me the gift of beauty."
- H.H
"I would honestly have to say that the quality of care given at Dr. Fisher’s office is an anomaly. Meaning that he is one of a kind in every sense of the word. His staff makes you feel like family and he takes your health seriously. He weighs your risks over his personal gain. I feel so blessed to have found a practice with such exceptional service and a doctor with an amazing “bedside manner”. I would recommend him to anyone! – F.R."
- Testimonial from a patient who had breast augmentation and tummy tuck
"I would just like to take this time to express my sincere thanks to you and your staff for making my surgery alot easier. You showed me alot of kindness, patience and support, when everyone else just turned their back on me. My new implants look great, feel great and most importantly, I feel like a woman again. Dr. Fisher you will always be very special in my life. You helped me emotionally so much you’ll never know. You’re the type of doctor alot of people wish they had, you’re not only a doctor, you have become their friend, and a very special one at that."
- A Breast Reconstruction Patient's Kind Words
"As I reported in 12/02, the patient’s level of recovery of sensation was as good as I had ever seen. A compliment to Dr. Fisher’s surgical skill and his post-operative management. Likewise, having evaluated this patient several months after Dr. Fisher, his level of recovery was so outstanding, that further recovery may be expected but no additional treatment should be considered."
- A Prominent Hand Surgeon's Review of Dr. Fisher's Microsurgical Result Regarding the Microsurgical Repair and Recovery of a Patient with Severed Nerves and Tendons of the wrist.
"Thank you Dr. Fisher, I think you are indeed a credit to the medical profession. Your combined skill, compassion and fine character are a gift to us all. I shall take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for your considerations, not only with your competency as a medical specialist, but also your genuine concern for my well being–emotionally as well as physically. Having the good fortune in selecting you as my doctor is something I shall always be grateful for."
- A Breast Augmentation Patient's Kind Words
"I’ve always felt very fortunate to have found a doctor as remarkable as yourself. Your experience and educational background are impressive and you’re, without a doubt, exceedingly talented. I had consulted with other reconstructive surgeons prior to choosing you. You’ve always been very frank about what procedures could and could not be done and have thoroughly described surgical procedures and what outcomes I could realistically expect. You never pressed to issue of procedures that I was uncomfortable with: thus earning my respect for your professionalism. I have the utmost confidence in your ablility and thoroughly trust your judgement. Your interest in me as a person has always been appreciated. Thank you, Dr. Fisher, for all you have done and continue to do for me."
- A Patient Expressing Her Gratitude
"I just wanted you to know, how much I appreciated the beautiful job you did on my breast reduction. It has been a while since it was done, but they still look so great. Of course the best is, I have not suffered from pain since they were reduced. Again thanks for such a beautiful job. P.S. My husband appreciates the great look too!"
- A Breast Reduction Patient Expressing Her Gratitude
"Dr. J. Bradford Fisher performed a liposuction surgery on me. I would highly recommend this surgery to anyone who wishes any type of spot reduction. The surgery was performed in the morning and I was able to go home the same day. There were absolutely no complications and the recovery period was remarkable. I was back to work in 3 days. I was not bed ridden for any period of time after I arrived from the hospital. The bruising from the surgery lasted for approximately 2 days. The result from my surgery that Dr. Fisher performed were better than I ever expected and I would consider returning to him for any additional treatments with liposuction."
- A Liposuction Patient's Review of Her Post-Operative Recovery
"I guess I just wanted to thank everyone for being so warm and friendly towards me. You are all such special people and I’ll never forget how good and patient you were with me. Thanks also for putting up with my moods when I got frustrated. To Dr. Fisher, a special thank you for being such a kind person. You made me feel safe and comfortable and I can’t thank you enough. "
- A Breast Augmentation Patient Expressing Her Gratitude for the Care Recieved from the Office Staff